Speakers for the current year will be / were:


DATE Speaker Subject
June 19th
Kate Lynch  Small Farms in Somerset
July 17th
Francis Burroughs
Seated One Day at an Organ
August 21st
David Heath
A Backward Glance at Westminster
September 18th
Phil Miller
A History of Colour Photography
October 15th
David Gerhardt
November 20th
David Body
The Samaritans
December 11th
David Bailey
Wildlife Photography
January 15th
Peter Simper
Hemington Church, to date
February 19th
Michael Gorman
John Ashe
March 19th
Barry Hamblin Time Gentlemen, Please
April 16th AGM
Brian Leach
Hovercraft, Canada & Alaska Gold
May 21st
Amy Frost

 Updated June 2024


Speakers Secretary is John Hedges